Why should you Blogg?

Why should you bother blogging, there was several reasons why people write on such sites as this, the first thing that they want to put their point of view to other people who may greet their site.

Maybe just updating from the news to family and friends, wall yet again that all others that will use the blog site as a platform to advertise their ongoing business or affiliated products.

As for myself I like the idea of being able to help other people by providing the information which they may not to get anywhere else at these not for free

So why should you bother blogging at all?

Good question that pops the easiest way to explain this is by example, there are far too many websites that  seem to offer free information but without exception you will have to enter your e-mail address in order to gain access.

Whereas here on that than to ask for anything other than that you read this article hopefully it will be of some use to you.

The main problem with entering the e-mail address into a online form, is that you will be added to a mailing list therefore you will receive yet more e-mails with promises amazing offers.

All with hyperlinks leading you to some website that will have an amazingly impressive sales letter and good reasons why you should reach for your credit card in order to gain access to their special offer, but beware although the price may be low there will no doubt up sale page if not more than one.

where you will be encouraged to upgrade to the full member or even a V.I.P member all of which adds to the total cost also be aware that there may be an ongoing membership fee.

Of course you will be presented with a number of reasons why you should take the offer immediately most studies that it is a one-time offer that you will never see repeated again, which of course is worded in such a way that it entices you into rushing into buying before you actually consider what exactly you will be getting for your money.

These websites are geared to trigger your emotions with every phrase and any videos that they can devise for this purpose of gaining your custom, with screen-shots of their bank accounts to demonstrate how profitable their software or membership is promising easy ways to earn a fortune of money.

Frequently missing get the old important facts that you may also need several other items & knowledge in order to make use of what they are selling.

So back to blogging I will attempt to keep this blog up to date as possible I  comment with suggestions will be gratefully received.


Update MySpace membersip site is ending soon, so you will need to update to wordpress or so Myspace says.

If you do don’t expect any altomatic trafsfer of you pages, if myspace is still available, you migt want to go into your account & copy all your articles & save tem in a word processor tat let’s you insert picutes.

As for any any video’s you embeded, go to edit & copy te code & paste into notepad, so you later include in te new wordpress blog

For Free infomation visit this site >>  Free Information

All for now to your success Graham

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Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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