Why I chose this article by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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Mainly because I’m Englishman, some may say a royalist but I would rather have royalty ruling over me than a president as in other countries
Also because the issue of Abdication of Her Majesty the Queen was speculated about within the newspapers fairly recently with headlines “The Queen to lose the reigns”
However a short while later it was reported that the Queen was delegating some of her many duties to other members of the royal family including Prince Charles
Also those reports said by delegating duties the Queen had decided to become an up-to-date modern day monarch and had no intention of abdicating

Article by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Abdicate? Not a chance. Here’s why Charles will reign when his time comes.
The engagement of Prince William of Wales and the comely commoner Kate Middleton has caused a long simmering question to flare up again. Will Prince Charles, Prince of…

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