Google the king of the search engines

Google is still the number one search engine in most people’s minds, mine included

Mainly because Google was the first company to offer a working search engine, way back in the early days of the internet

Plus the company and those behind the scenes operating the system are constantly updating and improving their system to offer a wider array of services

Most business internet user tolerate Google updates even if they don’t like them, as for any other internet user, they just use Google for searching completely unaware of the power that Google controls

YouTube as a search engine has increased over the years, but since it is owned by Google they still dominate and control much of the internet

Google recently updated their online search feature, to include the ability to check the spelling or meaning of words, by highlighting the word and right clicking which brings up a side menu

This offers the ability to go straight to Google with that word to find out all details and check the spelling

Whatever your thoughts or feeling are about Google, they have produced many useful and helpful tools for both the general public and for those in business

Here I have listed some not in any particular order

Google Search – the number one top most used tool

Keyword wheel – which is one of the tools Google scraped, but just recently brought back by popular demand – now called the Wonder Wheel

YouTube – which may not spring to mind as a Goggle tools, but since Google bought it, and improved it, there has been a rise in using it a direct search engine

Linked to YouTube is the “Hangout” feature, where anyone can host a we based meeting with a total of 10 people shearing within the same meeting, then once the meeting is done it is automatically uploaded to YouTube

One of the most resent added Google tools, is “Voice” which turns out to be a multi-faceted, not only offering one phone number for all phones, but also receive phone calls and text in a You can view your messages in a  similar way you use Gmail

Google Translate – a useful tool which can easily change one language, into another

AdSense – One of the most used tools, along with

Blogger – one of the longest running blogging services

Gmail – Which is linked to Blogger,so if you have a Gmail account you have Blogger

Yes even though I use WordPress for this and other blogs, I still have and use Blogger

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Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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