Working from home in Your Pyjamas!

Working from home in Your Pyjamas is a well-known phrase you see in lots of adverts for home based workWhile it’s true that you could stay at home and earn money online, even just wearing your pyjamas what a lot of people ignore in that phrase is the “Working” part

I expect it’s a lot to do with so many misleading adverts, selling a fantasy dream of the “Push button” systems that claim don’t require you to work – along with the set and forget systems

However even if you managed to find an actual push button system that automatically sent money into your bank account

If you did not even bother to read setting up instruction, then no matter how powerful the system NOTHING would happen

Action is needed, by Doing something

Whatever you do online to get extra income, always requires WORK, no exceptions

Running a free blog requires you to update it with fresh content, which I fail to do as often as I should, due to other comitments

If you own a website will need to do lots of promoting offers to entice new visitors

Using mini job sites you need to offer to WORK by offering to do some small task in order to earn money, as well as advertise what you are willing to do for the small fee

In my online back office, I see the all too frequent trend of those who purchase the upgrade, and then do NOTHING as if money will magically appear just because they have paid hosted website

Some don’t even bother logging into their back office, and very few ever start the training, and therefore never promote to gain new member which would build a mailing list for them, the important part of making money online

If success is what they really wanted, then they need to at least open “Urgent messages” they get sent to them encouraging them to  login to their account

If they contiune to do nothing, they are throwing money away

About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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2 Responses to Working from home in Your Pyjamas!

  1. Technology is not one of my Strengths Graham but Blogging is a conversation which I enjoy and as my focus is to share God’s Love and Truth, this is what motivates me. I appreciate too that everyone is a person of worth and needs to be accepted as such and also encouraged and appreciated.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

    • gcomand says:

      This modern world does get a little overwelming with new technology and updating of other thing like Windows, just when we have got used to them the way there are Micosoft updates
      Life gets a little confusing at times, and too busy (my excuse for not adding any artilce post for a while
      As to age I’m 68 and started my online business four years ago, but I try not to include anything about it on this blog, I think I added the “working from home” article by mistake and might remove it
      God Bless you and all you do for His glory

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