Product Reviews

“8 minute profits”

I have purchased several products and services over time, and I wanted to share my opinion of them

As to whether they were worth the money, or as easy to use as advertised

The first product / service as it could be classed as both, is the “8 minute profits”

The sales page leads you to believe that it is ideal for newbies, as the owner of this will show you exactly what you need to do

OK from the inside of the member’s area, there a series of short videos, as the owner says he prefers to get straight the point

However as to it being newbie friendly, that is stretching the truth as in third video that actually talks about the method

There are a lot of terms that most if not all newbies would not know what they meant

Things like high converting squeeze page and high converting follow up sequences

“Anyone can do this” quoted on the same video is a exaggerating the truth

Newbies will also have no idea about auto-responding service, to build your own list (essential if you want to make real money) although learning to use those services is a lot harder than you will be lead to believe

List swapping! Solo ad seller! Auto pilot income! Check your “Stats” “I.R.O” these and other marketers jargon is frequently used throughout the training videos

Up-sell is also mentioned, which leads to upgrading, which in turn cost more money out for you, in order to get the complete set of proven “sales funnels” if you knew what they are

To be honest after you have watched the first training video the others are the same in content, with the exception of the last one which a little different

One highlight is He has included some free resource videos, but the downside is this involves yet more of your time wasted, if you don’t actually find them and the other video useful