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Working from home in Your Pyjamas!

Working from home in Your Pyjamas is a well-known phrase you see in lots of adverts for home based workWhile it’s true that you could stay at home and earn money online, even just wearing your pyjamas what a lot of people ignore in that phrase is the “Working” part

I expect it’s a lot to do with so many misleading adverts, selling a fantasy dream of the “Push button” systems that claim don’t require you to work – along with the set and forget systems

However even if you managed to find an actual push button system that automatically sent money into your bank account

If you did not even bother to read setting up instruction, then no matter how powerful the system NOTHING would happen

Action is needed, by Doing something

Whatever you do online to get extra income, always requires WORK, no exceptions

Running a free blog requires you to update it with fresh content, which I fail to do as often as I should, due to other comitments

If you own a website will need to do lots of promoting offers to entice new visitors

Using mini job sites you need to offer to WORK by offering to do some small task in order to earn money, as well as advertise what you are willing to do for the small fee

In my online back office, I see the all too frequent trend of those who purchase the upgrade, and then do NOTHING as if money will magically appear just because they have paid hosted website

Some don’t even bother logging into their back office, and very few ever start the training, and therefore never promote to gain new member which would build a mailing list for them, the important part of making money online

If success is what they really wanted, then they need to at least open “Urgent messages” they get sent to them encouraging them to  login to their account

If they contiune to do nothing, they are throwing money away

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Google the king of the search engines

Google is still the number one search engine in most people’s minds, mine included

Mainly because Google was the first company to offer a working search engine, way back in the early days of the internet

Plus the company and those behind the scenes operating the system are constantly updating and improving their system to offer a wider array of services

Most business internet user tolerate Google updates even if they don’t like them, as for any other internet user, they just use Google for searching completely unaware of the power that Google controls

YouTube as a search engine has increased over the years, but since it is owned by Google they still dominate and control much of the internet

Google recently updated their online search feature, to include the ability to check the spelling or meaning of words, by highlighting the word and right clicking which brings up a side menu

This offers the ability to go straight to Google with that word to find out all details and check the spelling

Whatever your thoughts or feeling are about Google, they have produced many useful and helpful tools for both the general public and for those in business

Here I have listed some not in any particular order

Google Search – the number one top most used tool

Keyword wheel – which is one of the tools Google scraped, but just recently brought back by popular demand – now called the Wonder Wheel

YouTube – which may not spring to mind as a Goggle tools, but since Google bought it, and improved it, there has been a rise in using it a direct search engine

Linked to YouTube is the “Hangout” feature, where anyone can host a we based meeting with a total of 10 people shearing within the same meeting, then once the meeting is done it is automatically uploaded to YouTube

One of the most resent added Google tools, is “Voice” which turns out to be a multi-faceted, not only offering one phone number for all phones, but also receive phone calls and text in a You can view your messages in a  similar way you use Gmail

Google Translate – a useful tool which can easily change one language, into another

AdSense – One of the most used tools, along with

Blogger – one of the longest running blogging services

Gmail – Which is linked to Blogger,so if you have a Gmail account you have Blogger

Yes even though I use WordPress for this and other blogs, I still have and use Blogger

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What have You Got to Loose?

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Uplifting Video’s

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10 Habits of Highly Successful Online Marketers

By George Kosch

1. Successful online marketers know that marketing must be done as consistently as possible. Marketing and promotion must be scheduled, frequent and without fail.

2. Successful online marketers know that the money is in the list and thus list building strategies MUST be integrated into all marketing campaigns.

3. Successful online marketers know that landing pages, also called squeeze pages are what will generate leads NOT a static website.

4. Successful online marketers know that you must continually seek out NEW advertising sources. Don’t stop when you find a few good sources, keep looking for new sources to expand your marketing reach.

5. Successful online marketers know that paid ads produce the best results IF the source is trusted and proven, but a combination of free and paid ads is still smart marketing.

6. Successful online marketers know that ad swaps are both cost effective and a clever way to reach your target markets.

7. Successful online marketers know that having access to a number of quality products, services, affiliates or referral programs produce multiple streams of income is the key to generating online income.

8. Successful online marketers know that you need a reliable way to track your ads so you know exactly where you are getting results for your efforts and advertising dollars.

9. Successful online marketers know that one cannot know it all, and investing in proven-effective reputable training programs for access to software, list building techniques, and mentoring can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

10. Successful online marketers know that it takes time to build a successful online business.

George Kosch is the Home Business Bootcamp Instructor at Worldprofit Inc., a web-based company providing training for people who want to learn how to earn at home using the power of the Internet. This summer Worldprofit celebrates its 19th birthday! Get a free Associate Membership and join over one million Worldprofit Members around the world benefiting from the home business resources, training, software, marketing assistance, traffic generation and mentoring program.

Republished with author’s permission by Graham Commander

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5 little-known profit streams…

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Video 4: Create Squidoo Lenses and claim your share of the profits generated by the traffic
Video 5: Create eBay feeder pages and make money when new users register for eBay

You can check them out on his website  <==Click Here

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Active Vs Passive Investing

When it comes to comparing active vs. passive investing and determining which investment method is best, the answer isn?t as clearly cut as you might imagine.

Everyone has very different risk tolerance levels, so it?s important to understand your own preferences and investing goals before you choose between active and passive investing choices.

Active vs. Passive Investing Definitions

Actively managed investments, such as mutual funds, try to beat the market performance of a benchmark index, such as the S&P 500, by choosing the best 100 or so performing stocks based on a likelihood of receiving good returns.

A passively managed investment will simply accept that market performance is what it is and invest in all 500 stocks on the index.

Which is Better ? Active or Passive?

Many investors wonder what the better option is for their own investing goals. Once again, it does come down to the individual investor?s personal levels of risk tolerance.

The level of risk you?re willing to take with your hard-earned money can often determine how you?re willing to spend and invest. After all, higher risks can often yield higher returns. Unfortunately higher risks can also compound losses too.

Low risk might equate to lower returns, but it?s commonly believed that a low guaranteed gain is far better than a risky bet on a higher risk return that may not eventuate.

Active Investing

An active investor understands that not all stock pricings move at the same rate or even in the same direction as the entire market as a whole. They will actively try to single out individual stocks that have the likelihood of out-performing the index.

In most cases, actively managed mutual funds carry higher costs. This is partly associated with the higher trading costs, time costs involved with researching likely stock picks and management costs.

For those investors who wish to take on their active investing activities themselves rather than trust their money to a fund manager, then day trading on the stock market is a very similar tactic. You spend the time researching stocks that are likely to outperform the index and you manage your portfolio personally, buying and selling as you try to capture profits and minimize losses.

Passive Investing

A passive investor will understand that as the market index moves up or down, then having a passively managed fund that is broadly diversified across almost all the available stocks on that index is likely to return average returns that are somewhat in line with the returns shown by that index.

Passively managed funds often carry lower fees and may tend to offer lower returns. However, those lower returns are often favored by investors who believe that receiving a low return is better than risking the chance of receiving no return at all.

For investors who once again don?t wish to trust their money to a fund manager, then your passive investing option is to develop a broadly diversified stock portfolio that you hold for the long term. You have the choice of allowing your stocks to simply sit in your portfolio and collecting the dividend or you can reinvest your dividend earnings back into your portfolio to acquire further stocks.

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