The meaning of life

The meaning of life, is the title of a Monty Python film which you may remember.
There was a lot who didn’t like or approve of it, as they saw it as insulting to their faith and the concept of God in general.

But judging from the comments on Yahoo Answers, there are those who flat out disbelieve in the existence of God, to sch an extent by using the  title “Sky Daddy” and any reference to a Heavenly Father as a bunch of fairy stories.

I understand that believing is not to everyone’s liking in these modern days, I suppose the concept of of a loving Heavenly Father may seem too far fetched for a lot of people.

But to all those unbelievers, I would ask, “who do you turn to in times of trouble if not God?”

Isn’t it better to believe in some Omnipotent being (larger than yourself, who can give you more than you could ever ask for “life in abundance”than struggle through life with a God to turn to.

So why go through life struggling on your own with no support or guidance, God never forces himself on anyone, you have ask Him into your life, to be exact ask Jesus into your life.

About gcomand

Retired from full time job, to become a full time carer
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